Flights available from Manila (Clark):

Clark to Kuala Lumpur
Clark to Kota Kinabalu

Not exactly free because you still have to pay for tax.

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Booking Period: 9 January – 19 January 2007
Travel Period: 1 April – 27 October 2007

Tips to get you Free Seats:

* Have a cup of coffee while trying to book these Free Seats. We anticipate traffic congestion to
* Check the FREE SEATS availability on our website to avoid disappointment.
* Avoid weekends and public holidays and try for mid week and mid day flights.
* If you have problems accessing our website, try during off peak hours or after 12 midnight to 6 am, when everyone else is sleeping.
* If you can’t find any free seats on your desired traveling dates, we still have low fares for you to choose from. So hurry, BOOK NOW!
* Also do try other new destinations if your desired destination is not available.


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